Thursday, February 01, 2007

DB2 iSeries Adapter for Rails

I recently released a new version of DrySQL (a Ruby plug-in) that supports DB2 iSeries. I didn't feel it was appropriate to post this on IBM's DB2 Rails Forum, so hopefully people who are interested in trying out this functionality will find this post.

iSeries is not currently supported by IBM's DB2 Rails adapter, so I created extensions to the IBM adapter and released them as part of DrySQL. As far as I know, this is the only generally available iSeries adapter for Ruby at the moment. Those who do not care to use the DrySQL plug-in can simply unpack the gem, pull out the DB2 adapter extensions, and use them however they wish to. I expect to add the code to the DrySQL SVN repository on RubyForge shortly, which should make this easier.

Note that you will need to install DB2 Connect and the IBM DB2 Rails adapter in order to use this functionality.

You can find more information about this on the DrySQL homepage. If anyone needs help getting it up and running or wants to report bugs, please reply to this post and/or post to the DrySQL forums on RubyForge.

Update (May 29, 2007):
IBM's ibm_db adapter now supports iSeries, so I have removed the custom support from DrySQL. The latest code from the DrySQL SVN repository on RubyForge works correctly with the ibm_db adapter.

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